Hard to Say

They came to the corner of the street.

“Well, this is the end of the line for me,” he said.

They both stopped. Her eyes were bright as a blue flame. She smiled slightly.

“So I guess I’ll be seeing you tomorrow,” she said.

He hesitated a little too long, because he did not know what to say. “Yeah, tomorrow.”

“Enjoy the rest of the evening.”

Hesitated too long again. “Thanks, you too.”

They were already walking away from each other. He forced himself not to look back, because he knew she was gone. He felt a little awkward and did not know why. Was he supposed to shake her hand or something?

Or maybe he was supposed to say something. She was going out, should he have invited himself to that? But why would she want to spend more time with him?

They had been talking about their childhoods and he enjoyed that. He wanted her to know him.

He reached the door of his apartment building and then he disappeared from the street.

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