Guilty Pleasures, Haunting Pleasures

We are at a shopping mall, she needs to get some new clothes for a trip she will be taking with her girlfriends. I should tell her today, she should know.

She picks up a few blouses all over the store and leads me to the changeroom. I sit down on a couch, other men are here. They look bored. I feel bored.

She calls me into the room, needs my opinion. She has got one of the blouses on, it is blue, she looks good. Then she removes it in front of me. She is wearing the pink bra I like. Her breasts are small but perky. She has accumulated a little bit of fat around the waist. I would like to be less superficial, but I cringe inside. I need to tell her today.

She is teasing me while she tries the other blouses on, I am getting hard. She leans into me, kisses me. I like the taste of her tongue, it tastes like candy. I wrap my arms around her, we make out. She invites me inside. We fuck.

I can see my reflection. My hair looks good, my arms are buff, I am looking good. I come. She does not. She is nice about it, understanding, she sinks into my embrace, looking for warmth. But I already need my space. I feel drowsy and annoyed. I am going to be cranky all evening.

We are walking to the checkout, holding hands. Can I tell her? I will tell her tomorrow.

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