Good Night

“I’ll walk you to your room,” he said, “I’m just down the hall.”

“Thanks,” she replied. “So we have that nine o’clock tomorrow, remember?”

“Yeah. I hope we don’t get lost again,” he laughed.

One’s steps are very quiet in a hotel hallway, he thought, as if the place has different physics. Of course, it’s just the carpet, but still. Hotels are something else.

They arrived at her door. “Are you sure I can’t accompany you inside?” he joked. They had this joke between them, it had been going on for a while.

“Not tonight, Simpson,” she laughed back.

“Aaaare you sure?”


“Okay then, nighty night.”


She closed the door with a smile. He walked away slowly, hoping she would open it again. Hotels are something else, but not different enough.

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