Give Me A Kiss

Give me a kiss, my dear friend.

Here, in the ancient halls of my ancestors, under the portrait of my maternal great grandfather, the lord of this estate. Lean closer, not further. Please, do not let your sleeve stop touching mine. No, do not run away down the ancient gallery.

Give me a kiss, my dear friend.

Do not shy away down the stairs and into the garden. Know you not that my debt was too great and my entire class is crumbling. The manor is lost, the land is foregone, I am a pauper.

Give me one last kiss, do not run away.

Do not lead me to the pond, where we used to sit. Now the water is murky and full of leaves. It splashes sadly when I fall in, it stinks, it makes my clothes heavy. Do not laugh as I lose the sight of day.

My dear friend, stop pulling me down, lower and lower. Please, my dear friend, give me one last kiss.

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