Five Senses

Before we were married, she called me one Sunday to pick her up. I came over and she had a picnic basket and a smile on her face. We went to the park and sat on a hillside. I was so hungry, and she broke out the food. The chicken was so good. It tasted like what my mother used to make, only better.

On out wedding day, I was nervous. Hank was trying to tell me how nervous he was and that was supposed to make me feel better, but I just kept pacing back and forth until it was time to stand on ceremony. So there I was, at the head of the church, with Hank and the other guys, the maids and the padre, until I saw her. The white dress, the amazing hair, the dark eyes, so full of energy. I felt tears trying to break out.

She knew our love life was getting a little… Not boring, but not as exciting as it used to be. So she was waiting for me when I got back from work and took me into the bedroom. She put a blindfold on me, tied me to the bed, and used her mouth down there. I could smell her lust right in front of me, so I buried my face in it.

When Billy was born, I was in Hong Kong on business. He decided to come to this world a few weeks early, but luckily they were both fine. I came back as soon as I could, which is three days after. She was surrounded by family when I came in, holding our son. She gave him to me. His skin was so soft, amazing. That one moment made me realize how frail he was and how I would give my life to protect him.

It happened on the week Billy was graduating from West Point. She sat me down and told me about the years of our marriage, as if I was never there. She reminded me of my one infidelity. Then she told me she was not always honest herself. She told me there was another man in her life and he made her happy. Then I heard her say:

“The truth is, I have stopped loving you years ago. I am so sorry, Jim.”

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