Faux Pas

“We’re taking heave fire, we need backup,” said one of the teenagers matter of factly.

“Roger that, I’ll take my guys and flank them,” said the other. They were playing some kind of game on their phones or their glasses, I am not really sure.

“Good maneuver, sergeant,” said the first one, “You’re in line for promotion.”

We were standing at a bus stop, and I was half-expecting a hover bus to come along.Technology always jumps from around the corner to surprise me. But anyway, I wanted to comment on what they were doing, so I said:

“Wow, that’s like Ender’s Game.”

They both looked at me for a brief moment before returning to their game. One of them spoke without losing his focus.

“Ender’s Game is anti-gay and we are boycotting it.”

“Oh,” I said and the bus teleported in front of us.

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