Fake Emotion

I am feeling so good, smiling so nice, I lay my head on the table. The club is loud and all my friends are here, some of them taking a break at the table with me. The girl I like is here too, she is sweaty and breathing hard. She danced with me even though I don’t have the moves, she is good like that.

Now she is telling the other girl something, and the is waving her hands like crazy, trying to tell it. She is so happy and I am so sad. I try to be happier, but all I can feel is being drunk and my smile is purely physical. I am looking at her.

I close my eyes just for a second and when I open them, my girl is sad. I want to understand why. Is it because she loves me?

No, she was just making that face for a second to illustrate a point. It is a fake emotion.

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