Experience of Time

Hello, listeners, lost souls, wanderers, laborers and bored people, you are listening to Late Night Radio with Jim Baker. For those of you just tuning in, we are talking about the things that were great about the nineties. We’re still waiting for your calls, so don’t be shy.

What I just realized, and I know it’s obvious, but in the nineties there were no cellphones. How did people ever get together? What if you had a change of plans? Or were stuck in traffic? Seems amazing, but we actually used to have more friends back then.

Music was also better. Great bands were around, and even Aerosmith were still good. Speaking of which, here’s a little hit from them. Who can guess what it is by the intro?

That was Aerosmith with Sweet Emotion. Ah, the sweet emotion of being back in school and in love for the first time. In the nineties, girls were more natural and they cared about what you stood for. Not just money and muscles. All the best ones are out of their hometowns now, making money in big cities. I don’t blame them.

And what is up with sitcoms? They used to be so great, and what do we have now? Oh, TV, I mourn your dead programs. You might as well be sending out static into the air. Would be just as good.

Listeners, if you are out there, we are still waiting for your calls. Tell us what you liked about the nineties? Was it that you were younger and more healthy? That you didn’t have real problems? That you had your whole life ahead of you? That the earth was not one giant radioactive wasteland?

Dear listeners, I am afraid I might be the last person alive. It would be great if there were some radioactive mutants about, but who am I kidding? Mutants exist only in comic books and nineties B-movies. Oh, some of those flicks were great. You remember Bruce Campbell? Heh, heh, he was one talented man.

Let’s listen to some music, and afterwards maybe a call will come in, huh?

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