Evil Babies

“Okay, so what’s next?” asked Derek.

Marshal looked at the list, “We have two scenes left. One is called Evil Babies and the other Gay Machines.”

“Let me take a look,” Derek read through the descriptions, frowning a little at the end. “This one is going to be harder. Gay Machines. Let’s start with this one then.”

“Okay, what do you reckon? A twelve?”

“I would say at least three twelves. If they cannot hold it, we will put two together to make one, so we will need six.”

“Right, right, ‘cos there’s three machines.”

“Yeah, and they’re gonna be heavy. I’m thinking we might use two twelves for the spine but then we should also use a steel line to keep them up. And figure out the motion like we did with the Swamp Creature.”

“Hey, Derek, do you think people will figure out how to do computerized special effects eventually?”

“I don’t know about that. But if they do, we will be out of work. Hand me that tape, will ya?”

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