John got up in the middle of the night and stepped out into the unfamiliar terrace. It was one of those final nights of summer and the cold was almost there. He looked back at the girl dead asleep in her bed.

She had been building up to this and, like a lot of men would, he had finally succumbed, forgetting his obligations to the woman in his life. He lied to be with this girl. They undressed frantically and made love like animals all over her apartment.

Now, he could only think one thing. It was not worth it. All the women he had been with were either selfish or inept, and this one was no different. He had to take initiative, and he did enjoy it to a reasonable extent, but the emotional fallout to come… He sighed. “Maybe I’m gay,” he whispered to himself dramatically and laughed.

He looked at her again. He saw the body, but through it, he saw the emotions they shared, and the ways she made him feel about himself. Something twitched in his loins. So not gay after all. But it was still not worth it.

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