So he was a deranged killer. So what!

Nobody cares. Move on. But why did he do it? Now that is interesting. We want to know.

He killed several people at a DMV. Did he snap after standing in line for too long? Try snapped after living too long. Some people are not meant to exceed the prehistoric life expectancy. Their buffer of anger is just too small. But this is just made up stuff an emotional teenager wrote about him on her blog. She thought she knew what he was thinking.

He killed people at the DMV and then moved on into the streets, killing multiple police officers and some innocent by-standers. Non-combatant collateral damage.

People later said he was such a nice guy, he always said hello, how are you doing. Well ha ha! Someone is a bad judge of character. Right?

TV psychologists theorized and profiled and mapped and did all that. They said he did not fit the typical spree-killer profile and I did not even know it was a thing. But anyway, they said it must have been post-traumatic stress disorder from the war. But the war did not break him. If anything, it made him an expert killer, and that helped.

So why did he start the killing? Why do we even want to know? Fascinated or scared? Are we looking for a kin spirit in him? Can we relate to some of his motives? Or do we turn away in revulsion? Huh? Which is it?

The last talk he had with anyone ever was right before he left for the DMV. His wife asked:

“Hey, honey. Uhm, can you pick up, uhm, some milk and, uhm, the TV Guide.”

Tho which he responded:


There was no argument, no confessions of childhood abuse, or of war terrors coming over him.

When he got to the DMV, there were literally three people ahead of him in the line. He almost did not have the time to take a number before he would be called. And he knew it. But he did not go for the number machine. He went straight for the guard.

Took his gun.

And put a bullet through his head.

Cold precision. No twitch, no angry face, no shouts.

Five years later a heavy metal band named itself after him. People who remembered the story said “Oh yeah, like that serial killer guy.” Some would correct them, saying he was more of a spree killer or something. Nobody knows why he did it.

Except me. Want me to tell you?

Whoops! Gotta go. Bye!

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