Damn It!

“I wish I could be in two places at the same time,” said Frank, putting the beer glass down. The bar was crowded, it was game night.

“Why is that, Frank?” Garry had his face paint on. Go Vikings!

“It’s my daughter’s recital tomorrow night, and Anna has this gallery thing.”

“So? Go see your daughter, Anna will understand,” said Bill, chewing on peanuts.

“No man, that’s crazy,” said Raul, “You should go to Anna’s thing, you just met her.”

“That’s insensitive, Raul,” said Bill, “It’s the man’s daughter, for Pete’s sake. You will never get it until you have children of your own.”

“I will never have children. At least not ones I’ll know of, man,” Raul laughed, “What’s the point anyway? Look at Frank. His ex is a bitch, he misses his daughter, he’s upset like this all the time. Where is the benefit, huh?”

“Damn it, the game’s starting,” shouted Garry from underneath his face paint, trying to overcome the sudden surge of cheers. “Shut up you guys. Go Vikings! Viiiiiiikiiiiings!”

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