Cleaning Up

The hotel I worked at was huge but there were not many guests, I only had a few rooms to clean, and the rest of the crew had a day off. I was walking down the carpeted hallway, wondering if I would still be here if I knew the world was ending. If I would still clean up those last few rooms.

I reached number 341, the next one on my list. There was general mess inside, so it took me a few seconds to notice her. There was a woman in the bed, lying on her stomach in the rumpled up sheets, her hair in disarray, her face with an incredibly intense expression of exhaustion.

Did I feel I surge of desire when I saw her? So warm and full of life, so human. I do not remember, but I know I turned back on tiptoe and left the room. I put the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door knob for her.

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