Christmas Presents and A Nice Time

The house was bustling with activity on Christmas Eve. Erica’s three sons and two daughters came to visit, each with a family of at least three, so it was busy. Luckily, Erica found a second to sit down with her husband. He was sipping on some whiskey, looking at the lights on the Christmas tree.

“How you doing, hon?” she asked like she always did.

He smiled a bitter smile, “Fine, you know that. Just a little tired.”

“Do you know what Lana did?” she was about to embark on a story about one of the grandchildren when she realized it would be terribly boring. She put her hand on her husband’s shoulder instead, “You just take it easy and relax, honey. The girls are finishing in the kitchen, the boys are setting the table. We’ll have ourselves a nice Christmas Eve dinner, like we always do. You want me to send Hugo to talk to you?”

“No,” he smiled a begging smile, “Please, don’t.”

“Okay, honey. You just sit here and relax.”

He responded with a relieved smile.

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