Check Her Makeup

She was leaning against a wall. The wall was big and blank, and she was tiny, with her hair done nicely. At least I assume it was done nicely because she looked like she was waiting for someone. I was too far away to see, but still I figured it is not polite to stare, so I pretended like I was reading something on my phone.

At one point, she took out one of those flip mirrors with makeup stuff inside. I did not know women still used these. Do they? I have not seen one in a while. One of those flip mirror powder boxes, or whatever they are. Anyway, she took it out to check her makeup. That is when I knew her hair must have been done nicely because she cared about the makeup so much.

I was surprised when her wait was over, because her date turned out to be a giant bubbly monster. At first I thought the monster was only interested in the wall because that looked like a better match for him, but the girl hopped up joyfully and gave the monster’s leg a hug and a smooch. They walked away together, holding hand and tentacle.

I thought about my job at the Tower, maintaining the Eternal Flame. I had to be there all day, and that is no way to meet a woman. And then you came along, a miracle out of nowhere.

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