By All Means

“What is up with that girl,” said Vlad. He and Jamal were sitting on the curb in front of the repair garage they were working for.

“What girl?” Jamal looked around, the street was empty.

“That girl, man,” Vlad pointed to a billboard across. A famous large-breasted model in a blue top was pouting, an explosion of orange behind her, and the words Smash Everything on the left. It was advertising her reality show.

“Huh? What about her?”

“I don’t only mean her. I mean all of MTV. I would like to be the man you read about that is sleeping with a famous actress, or getting divorced from a singer. A man about whose house they make a documentary because it is so epic.”

“Right,” Jamal looked down on the ground. “So?”

“She has it all, she is in one of those positions that everyone aspires to and yet, somehow, she does not seem to be in the same realm of reality as you and me. Is she real, or are we?”

Jamal got up, “Shit, man. I have a feeling we did too much college, you and I. Break is over. We need to fix that transmission and clean up the storage room before Johnson gets here.”

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