Blue Jeans

She wore blue jeans and a denim jacket. She lifted the shades to look me in the eye.

“Excuse me, is this the train to Yorkville.”

“Yes,” I said.

I wished she would stay a little longer and talk, but she sat down a few rows away and only then did I notice she had a child with her. She spoke to it softly (I did not know, a boy or a girl) explaining the world. I imagined she was kind and I wished my future children had a mother like that.

When the conductor came to inspect the tickets, she did not have one for the child. He was polite and explained the child was old enough so she had to pay. I wanted to hear the story she was telling him explaining why she did not have the money and why it was important for her to get to Yorkville.

No, I did not want to know the story. It probably involved a man she was travelling to see and I was jealous. Irrational!

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