Autumn Snails

Rebellion makes a boy cool. Revolution makes him a god. I was never part of any revolution, but I was still a god in the eyes of a few.

I was walking through the park with Becky, she asked me about fretting and chords, and I told her music needs to come from the heart and that I have to give up music school to be free. She wanted to hear me play again tonight. She said it was like having sex with me, only better because she got to know me so well.

I stopped by the tree to change the subject and also to seem spontaneous. There were two snails on the tree. “Look, they don’t know anything,” I said, and crushed them both with my boot. It took a few kicks.

“Stop that,” she screamed, “You’re hurting them.”

I lost my balance for a sec, but got it back and looked her in the eye. She touched my face. “It’s all good, baby,” I said and she smiled.

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