I am an ass man, definitely. I have dated a lot of girls and only one of them had big breasts, but all of them had large round asses. I like to consider myself a feminist. I am an opponent of the pay gap, I think women should be allowed to breastfeed in public places andRead more »

It was a lazy Sunday morning and I was still in bed when I heard her get up. The bed sang a goodbye as she stood up. I heard her stretch and yawn and then walk away. Her bare feet made a bare-feety sound on the floor. Pat, pat, pat, pat, she went over toRead more »

When summer nights got hot, I used to go up to the roof. I was in high school back then. If there were no clouds in the sky and the stars were bright, I would read. If not, I would just sit and listen to my street. It was suburbia and there was virtually noRead more »

Last man on Earth, alone in a room. What would he do? Wake up regularly every morning, work out, go on a food run or use some of the organic food he grew. Then do some work around the house, make sure things are keeping together. He would want to stay in the same placeRead more »

My mom was a special woman. Other moms attended bake sales and prepared lunch for their little boys and girls, but my mom was in the vast underground tunnels beneath our house building wooden walkways and installing lights so we could play hide-and-seek. She went off to multiple adventures in the jungle, sometimes bringing backRead more »

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