The Skype signal made her snap out of a reverie. “Jason is calling…” popped up. She clicked “Accept” and the video came on. Jason was smiling wide. “Jason,” she screamed in joy, “Oh my god, it’s been so long.” “Hello, Melissa,” he said. Were his eyes sad? She had known him since they were children. TheyRead more »

Ralph got home early and saw his wife was in a mood. It was pretty strange, because she was a very level-headed, cheerful person, and Ralph would have never said “My wife is sometimes in those… moods.” And yet, the moment he walked in, he could tell something was wrong. She stared at the wallRead more »

Friday was Jake’s last day and he sent an email, inviting people to say goodbye in his cube. Melly did not know Jake that well, but he was a colleague, so she went over there. A few other people were there at the same time, saying how sorry they are to see him leave and askingRead more »

It was a late evening and Kate was lying in bed with a book. It was the cabin where her father used to take them when she was little, now it was all hers. It was winter time, and dark above with white snow below. It was quiet and cozy. She was reading by anRead more »

So tired. I was walking back home in the rain after a double shift. I did not have my umbrella with me, so I was all wet and I had to take my glasses off because the drops of rain on the lenses made me virtually blind. So, I watched everything through a haze of whimsy.Read more »

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