A Pack of Gum

I was leaving the motel, locked the door, then wondered if I should have left it open. Does not matter. I walked over the parking lot to the office and left the key on the counter. I stepped outside, it started raining. A strange sight in the desert, but it was one of the signs of the end coming. Few people apart from me knew that this was the last day there would ever be.

I got into my car. The shotgun seat was empty now, she had left in such a hurry. I would never see her again. Does not matter. I opened the glove compartment and a pack of gum fell out. I leaned over to pick it up and saw that her shoes were on the floorboard. I picked one of them up and put it to my nose to smell the sweat and leather.

Above, the sky began to crack. I wondered what happens to love when the world ends.

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